Tennessee Snow - Spun Honey

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"This is so creamy, I'd spread it on a biscuit instead of butter."

- Julia Heffelfinger, former Associate Food Editor, Food & Wine Magazine

This whipped honey, made in Tennessee about 30 minutes from my warehouse, was listed as the number one most obsession-worthy products by F&W's editors in August 2015.
I can't argue with them. I have always been a fan of whipped honey (also known as "creamed" or "spun" honey). When we were kids, my sister Angela loved spun honey so much that my parents almost always had some on hand. Even when I was working at Williams-Sonoma, there was a spun honey from Canada that had Angela as their primary customer lol... So, I added this for her. But, also, for you. If you've never had a spun/whipped/creamed honey, it's 100% honey that has been, well, whipped. lol

TruBee calls their version Tennessee Snow because it rarely snows in Tennessee (I'm fine with that; y'all can keep that mess), and the name was a playful spin on the white color. It's sweet, addictive, an ideal complement to pancakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls, toast, biscuits... You get the picture. Oh! add a jar to your next charcuterie/cheese board! Or make a decadent spun honey/nut butter sandwich. (insert melting emoji here). And, less you haven't already considered it, smear a healthy spoonful onto your next batch of cornbread. You're welcome.

5 oz jar

INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Honey