Thai Mango Ginger BBQ Sauce

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In America, debating the superiority of regional barbecue is a national pastime – and opinions can get a little hot. This Mango Ginger BBQ Sauce is in a category all its own. By cooking in small batches with the highest-quality ingredients like fresh ginger, ripe mango, spicy Thai chilies, brown sugar and coriander, it has a big, bold Thai flavor that tastes deliciously above debate. Ideal for grilling ribs, chicken, steak, salmon, prawns and vegetables, slathering over a pulled pork sandwich, blending into hamburger for savory Thai BBQ burgers, or creating a decadent Thai BBQ chicken pizza: just layer our Mango Ginger BBQ Sauce under smoky cheese, seared chicken, and colorful veggies.

I love Thai food. So, it only made sense to add this collection to the pantry when I tasted their lip-smacking curries. These family recipes come from renowned Seattle restaurant Toi, which earned them a place in Bon Appetit’s “Best of the Year” issue and national recognition in Travel and Leisure.  

13.1 oz jar