Thai Sweet Onion Chili Jam

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One taste of this Thai Sweet Onion Chili Jam may redefine your definition of “condiment.” Yes, it’s delicious – it’s versatile – it improves everything you put it on – but to us, it’s so much more. They cook each small batch of Walla Walla Sweet Onions, roasted chili flakes, tamarind, vinegar, fresh garlic, and shallots down to a heady, caramelized distillation: leaving behind a savory jam of tangy-sweet Thai heat that explodes with flavor. The possibilities are endless: create gourmet burgers, use as a glaze for grilling pork, lamb, chicken, prawns, salmon, clams and vegetables, add to stir fry and single-pot dishes, take cheese and crackers to new heights, or create the ultimate grilled-cheese sandwich by pairing it with gruyere, fontina, and white cheddar cheese.

I love Thai food. So, it only made sense to add this collection to the pantry when I tasted their lip-smacking curries. These family recipes come from renowned Seattle restaurant Toi, which earned them a place in Bon Appetit’s “Best of the Year” issue and national recognition in Travel and Leisure.  

11.4 oz jar