The Djimon Bowl

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I have a lot of Black Walnut bowls, but I don't get a lot of large Black Walnut bowls - mainly because it's a popular - and expensive - wood that is often more widely used for furniture making. About a year and a half ago, we picked out several pieces that he had started aging for large bowls and I finally got them. This is part of that collection. The Djimon Bowl is enormous. That's why I took a photo with Beth holding it so you can see the breadth. 

Once-majestic trees eventually fall. Sometimes it's the result of a lightning bolt. Sometimes, old age. Sometimes, bugs. Whatever the reason, once the tree is on the ground, it has potential for a second life - a metamorphosis like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Once aged and dried, the natural beauty of the tree is revealed through the grain of the wood. I love that The Riley/Land Collection is known for beautiful pieces of art that you can actually use in your home. 

Bowl-making is an art form. From dead tree to bowl, it takes approximately two years for each one. All of our wooden kitchenwares are handmade by a small family-owned business in rural Tennessee. It's a learned tradition, handed down from father to son and spans multiple generations. The overwhelming majority of the pieces are locally-sourced from my parents' farm.

Black Walnut

17.5" diameter, 5" tall