The Spruce Eats Box - Black History Month (Chef Adrienne Cheatham)

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THE RILEY/LAND COLLECTION is honored to partner with The Spruce Eats for a series of themed curated food boxes. The inaugural box is a celebration of Black food makers for Black History Month. The selections were made in partnership with Chef Adrienne Cheatham.

In the box, we have:

1 bag of Fonio from Yolélé, owned by Chef Pierre Thiam

1 jar of Maffé Simmer Sauce from Kitchens of Africa, owned by Jainaba Jeng

1 bottle of Stone-Ground Peach Mustard Drizzle from Slim & Husky's, owned by Clint Gray, Derrick Moore, and Emanuel Reed

Chef Cheatham will be hosting a cooking class, live on Instagram, on February 25th at 12PM EST. In the class, she will be using these products to create a dish. To follow along with her - or to be stocked so you can make it on your own, later - these are the key ingredients you will need. 


Follow @thespruceeats for details. Also, follow @chefadriennecheathem

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