The Stefan Bowl

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Everywhere you look these days, you can find a dough bowl. They range from an antique piece that costs hundreds of dollars to an antique piece that costs $4. Sometimes you find pieces made in Thailand that people are selling for $20. There's nothing wrong with any of those. Sometimes you have your grandma's. Actually, often you have your grandma's. I have been a dozens of events and people always say that. They just use it for decoration - maybe some greenery during the holidays or some river rocks that they bought at Pottery Barn. 

Mine is designed to use. I always encourage people to do that. You know why? Grandma used hers. Be like grandma. From salads to break-making (I use mine for biscuits every time I make them), to popcorn on movie night to, hell, a pasta. Use it! It is designed to use. It is designed to become a new family heirloom that your granddaughter or grandson will cherish one day. I love all of the bowls I sell, but the dough bowls have a special, very functional design for regular use. Currently, mine is sitting on my countertop, filled with oranges and bananas and onions and some garlic, lol, a little bit of everything!


23.5" long

11.25" wide

2.75" tall