The Ultimate Mystery Box: Joe's Favorite Things

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With THE RILEY/LAND COLLECTION's 10-year anniversary approaching, I racked my brain on ways to celebrate. It's a significant achievement: Sixty-five percent of businesses do not succeed to their 10th year. One of the ideas - credit goes to my A1 advisor, Carey Baldwin, formerly my boss' boss at Williams-Sonoma. There I did an annual list of my favorite things - BEFORE Oprah started hers - every year during Q4.

"Ten of your favorite things, Joseph," she said as if she didn't even have to think when I asked. lol

So that is what this box contains - a collection of products RLC has carried over the past decade, with items from various departments within RLC. *

There are 10 items. With the box, you will get a letter explaining why I love each item, how to use it, etc. 


As my business is so very personal, I will go ahead and say thank you right now if you're about to make a purchase. I genuinely appreciate it. -jrl


* If you've been around for a while, you know that initially the business was named Riley/Land [A Gourmet Pantry], but pivoting is exactly how a small business succeeds. I have expanded the reach of this tiny business over the years and have plans to continue to do so.