Tomato and White Sultana Chutney (with Ginger & Garam Masala)

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Ingredients: tomatoes, sugar, apple cider vinegar, white sultanas, Kashmiri chilies, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, cumin, garam masala, sea salt

The chutney has been a ubiquitous part of Indian cuisine since before 500 B.C., with each region relying on a distinctive spice blend to preserve locally cultivated or foraged produce.

“Chutney” or chattni, in Hindi means “to lick,” which is precisely what diners will be doing as they lick their plates clean – not wanting to waste a single syrupy morsel!

With the sweet fruitiness of tomato married to piquant Kashmiri chilies in this versatile chattni, you will not feel the need to reach for ketchup. Whether jazzing up charcuterie or simply applied on toasted ciabatta, this chutney will become your plate-side companion at every meal.


  • soft cheese
  • oil-rich fish
  • steaks or burgers
  • grilled eggplant
  • savory hand pies
  • scrambled eggs
  • sandwich spread
  • yogurt or labneh

Made by: Naomi J. Mobed, who's bio reads like a novel: born in Karachi; raised in Tehran; lived in Hong Kong; educated in Princeton, Boston and London; worked in New York, Paris, then Dubai, then Muscat, then Johannesburg and all points in-between... Inspired by her heritage and experiences in Africa, Middle East and South Asia, Le Bon Magot products are developed from heirloom recipes using natural ingredients, high-quality and seasonal produce, custom-blended aromatics and no preservatives. Made in the USA in small batches and created in the artisan tradition, the products rely on classical cookery methods and all-natural preservation techniques to create special flavors, which we hope will inspire cooks and diners on their own culinary journeys. 

Winner of 2018 Good Food and 2017 sofi™ Gold Awards for Best Condiment.