Traditional Rolling Pin

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Ironically enough, the rolling pin has been one of my best sellers since the very first month of business. I say that because I didn't expect it. I was in Manhattan, a place where approximately 3 people have enough space in their kitchens to roll out dough. And yet, I sold rolling pin after rolling pin. Nearly everyone who picks them up at an event pantomimes hitting their loved one/spouse in the head with it. I guess that's a thing. In any event, they're beautiful, so it makes you want to bake. I say get one for yourself and also for the baker in your life.

All of our wooden kitchenwares are handmade by a small family-owned business in rural Tennessee. It's a learned tradition, handed down from father to son and spans multiple generations. The vast majority of the pieces come from locally-sourced trees (often from my parents' farm), but every so often a more exotic piece of wood comes along and I get something from it. Most are exclusive to Riley/Land. 

18 inches long (including handles)