Tuk Meric - Kampot Pepper Sauce

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Tuk Meric is a tangy and peppery sauce used throughout Cambodia for a variety of dishes, including: Lok Lak, deep fried foods, or hard-boiled eggs. Peppercorns from the coastal Kampot region of Cambodia bring a distinct flavor and aroma that marries with the acidity of fresh lime juice and salinity of sea salt. Angkor's blend of Tuk Meric is inspired by Chef Channy’s mother’s recipe, with a rich and tangy addition of tamarind paste, a signature ingredient in Cambodian cooking. Tamarind is a welcome ingredient to their Tuk Meric sauce, giving it combined richness with fruit-driven acidity that complements both the touch of brown sugar and the herbal tones of Kampot peppercorn.

A taste of this sauce will ignite your imagination with the possible applications.Try replacing balsamic vinegar with Tuk Meric for you next caprese salad; you may never go back to balsamic. Use Tuk Meric the same way you would with Ketchup in American food, or use it the same as you would with Brown Sauce in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

INGREDIENTS: Water, Rice Vinegar(water, rice), Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Organic Kampot Pepper, Tamarind Concentrate, Lime Juice Concentrate