Vegan German Nutella-ish Spread

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Have you ever ordered stuff in the middle of the night and not remember doing so when it arrived? Yep, that's how this found its way onto my shelves. And you can tell by my name for it that I did not pay attention that the label says Choco-Nuss. We literally called it German Nutella in the warehouse - and we ate most of it. Some went in mystery boxes. But I decided 3 minutes ago to add it to the site. If you're not a regular RLC client, you'll think I am weird. I am. It's okay. I sell good stuff. *insert shrug emoji here

This is what is on their site. Very European. Ok. That is it. 

Vegan, 35% nut content, simply delicious! • nut nougat cream without palm oil • 35% nut content for an intense taste • Sweetened with natural coconut blossom sugar • 100% natural, certified organic ingredients • Suitable for a gluten-free diet