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When the owners of Son Fish Sauce, Danny and Albee Tran, partnered with Chef Yu David Phu, they decided to go back to basics with Albee's family's seventy-year-old product. Sun Fish Sauce is well-known throughout Vietnam, Southern California, and a handful of in-the-know chefs, but they wanted to reconfigure and give the brand a very old-school feel. The new packaging makes for a mysterious bottle that someone would stumble across in a store hidden away "around the corner" in Chinatown and then it becomes their go-to secret ingredient. The unassuming label belies the storied history of this wonderful product. 

Son has their our own fleet of boats that harvest wild caught anchovies year round. What makes their fish sauce special is that the anchovies around Son Rai Island have very small stomachs, thus allowing the fish sauce to have a high protein content and a much more fragrant smell. Once the anchovies are caught, they are then salted right away on the boat with local sea salt. This method allows the fermentation process to start right away, extra fresh from the sea.

The microclimate of Son Rai Island plays a major roll in producing Son Fish Sauce. Prevailing winds from the sea, fresh morning dews from the mountain peaks, tropical storms, intense humidity, and equatorial heating all add to the fermentation process.

Anchovy + Sea Salt, and 1 Year Old process, the fish sauce that is produced from each barrel is what we call Nước Mắm Nhĩ. The term Nước Mắm Nhĩ refers to the fish sauce that is dripping drop by drop slowly out of the barrel. The elixir that comes from the barrel after 1 Year is considered the 1st press with the highest quality, flavor, and smell. While the industry standard is 6-7 presses, Son only bottles the first 3 presses 


It’s alluring umami, earthy and savory flavors continues to hypnotize me, as it proves to enhance the flavors of any dish

No MSG, No fillers, No sugar, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free No Artificial Coloring, No Artificial Flavoring. 


Anchovy, Sea Salt

5 oz bottle