Zellee Orange Peach Fruit Jel

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I'll be honest: I purchased these on a whim. I didn't try them beforehand (that rarely happens), but they sent me a special offer and I decided why not? (insert shrug emoji here) When they arrived, though, I realized that I like them. I threw one of each in the fridge and they're hella refreshing. LOL - and then I read their marketing materials. Hahaha... they were developed for children. I mean, the packaging should have told me that, but I - grown man and all - like them. So, there's that. Here's their story:

Eriko Dowd grew up in Hawaii, devouring her Japanese mom's homemade jel snacks. Very much ahead of her time, her mom sourced organic produce from local farmers and small natural foods stores, decades before “organic” and “non-gmo” became mainstream. Her fruit jel was not only healthy, but it was also amazingly delicious and tasted like fresh fruit. When Eriko became a mom, she started making jelly snacks for her children. Not surprisingly, they loved them, and so did their friends and family. She couldn’t make enough to keep up with demand! Eriko launched Zellee Organic to share her family’s passion for fruit jels made with simple, quality ingredients. She named it Zellee after the Japanese word for jelly and put it in a pouch for on-the-go enjoyment. Zellee is located on the island of Maui, and Eriko likes to think that there’s a bit of aloha magic sprinkled into each pouch.

These fruit jels use konjac instead of gelatin (making them vegan). They're also certified organic, non-GMO, no sugar added and an excellent source of vitamin D and antioxidants.