Zero Proof Rum

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Sometimes, it's what you need. I cannot imagine being told I couldn't have a cocktail for three-quarters of a year. Here's the alternative. 

After the success of their tequila, whiskey, and gin, Ritual Beverage has freshly released their new non-alcoholic rum. The product is so new, in fact, that it is not on their website and there are no professional photos online. (ahem - some business is ahead of the curve. Just sayin'.)

Crafted for cocktails, this zero proof Rum Alternative brings the heat to your favorite cocktails. G

Mix Ritual 1:1 in place of traditional rum, with triple sec and lime, or your favorite high-quality mix, for a summertime anytime cocktail. And, of course, it’s free of alcohol, calories, carbs, and gluten.

So you can stay sharp and still have fun, hit the gym, get to work, be a parent, live your life.