Like any living, breathing business, THE RILEY/LAND COLLECTION has evolved. 

Initially built as a gourmet pantry (think Williams-Sonoma's food halls meets Dean & DeLuca), the concept has slowly emerged as a lifestyle brand that is carefully hand-picked by owner joseph riley land. The backbone of the business remains small batch foods sourced from some of the best makers around the country, but additions such as linens, candles and wooden kitchenwares has expanded RLC outside of just the pantry and into the whole house. 

Each product JRL sources is directly from the maker. Sometimes it is one person churning out an amazing wooden bowl, sometimes it's a small team of 6-8 making chocolates by hand, sometimes it's a small family-run company blending seasoning until the get just the right combination. With each situation, the vetting of products is intense and nuanced. By literally putting his name on them, JRL is standing behind the quality of every product he sells.


who is joseph riley land

Born and raised on a small farm in rural Tennessee (Olive Hill, population... 600? Maybe. On a day with no funerals and a lot of births.), joseph grew up "organic" way, way before it was a buzzword. In fact, a favorite memory is being confused over having to eat brown eggs, thinking the family couldn't afford white eggs. When, now, brown eggs cost double the price of a white egg. He ate his first store-bought jelly while in college and still remembers it being inferior to the elderberry and pear and muscadine jellies his mama made. His family has springs in the back yard, essentially meaning he drank, bathed and swam in Evian. In short, it was a good childhood.

As an adult, JRL has worked in management with corporate brands such as Godiva and Williams-Sonoma (where he was on the management team for both the Manhattan flagship and then the 3rd largest store in the company). He also has worked as Director of Operations for Pollen Nation, headed by Collin Abraham, the event producer who handled President Obama's inauguration, Jay-Z and Beyonce's wedding and Hyatt's Ultimate Lime fête in Trinidad & Tobago. 

Marrying his experience in luxury lifestyle brands and his rustic childhood, JRL has emerged as tastemaker who can see trends before they happen. His picks range from delicious to hilarious to exquisite, depending on the specific product. And with that, clients have gained a level of trust, knowing that if it has the Riley/Land name attached to it, they won't be disappointed!