Dorm Survival


For years, I have wanted to create "dorm survival" kits for high school and college students. When you're away from home for extended periods of time like that, receiving a care package full of your favorite foods or things that make your life easier, is like a hug that you needed, but didn't know how you were going to get it. Everything in this section was picked because they're dorm room-friendly, meaning a microwave is the most they would need to enjoy anything you choose to send. Also, by making the selections a la carte, you can tailor your survival kit to your specific kid.

  • He loves super spicy foods? We have a hot sauce for that.
  • She said she needed more laundry detergent? We have it.
  • They only eat ramen? No worries; we have three!

In the notes section of your order, let me know what you want to tell them and I will include a note for you.