French Chicory

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You learn something new every day. My limited experience with chicory is that it is added to coffee and served with beignets in New Orleans. Yep. That's it. lol But, a friend asked if I could source some so I did my research. 

I found what I consider to be a particularly good jar of chicory in France. And with that, I realized that many drink chicory rather than coffee. They use this similar to an instant cofee, simply mixing with hot water. You can read more about that below; I have used their own words to describe it. But, luckily that gives me two audiences: the folks who want to mix it with coffee and the people who want to drink it by itself. Winner/winner.

What they say: 

A sweet chicory grown organically and roasted in France. This chicory is used to replace coffee because it does not contain caffeine, is rich in fiber and a source of well-being. Nourée is now used by restaurants, coffee shops and thousands of customers for its taste, its ecological character and its benefits. Its caramelized flavors are sure to please and the absence of stimulants allows it to be consumed throughout the day by the whole family. Simply mix it in hot water or milk. The sugarcane labels and the glass bottle make it possible to have packaging that is 100% recyclable and reusable as desired.

Approximately 25 cups or 1 month (if you're mixing it in coffee; much more)