French Rolling Pin

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If you're not a baker, these rolling pins will make you want to tap into your inner Martha Stewart. Made from a variety of woods found on my parents' farm in west Tennessee, these rolling pins are exquisite pieces of art that you'll probably want to leave out on the counter as "jewelry" for your kitchen (I stole that from former WS co-worker Anne Wickstrom). 

Each rolling pin in completely unique, with different woods (Black Walnut, Cherry, Ambrosia Maple, Ash, Mulberry, Maple, Hackberry) each having its own grain and character. Some have small rings around the ends to create handles (also making a 9 inch crust between the handles). Others have a slight inset in the middle to create that 9 inch pie crust/handles. And then some don't have any handles. It's a mishmash of uniqueness. 

Unless you have a specific wood/wood combination you like, I will pick one for you. That's more fun anyway!

19.5 inches long


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    Cherry Wood French Rolling Pin

    Posted by Kaaron on Jul 16th 2020

    It handles like a dream!
    This is my first French rolling pin and it was so easy to use. It's also beautiful. I love it.

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    Almost too beautiful to use

    Posted by Emily Williams on Feb 8th 2018

    Given as a gift, this beautiful piece of functional art could easily be decor in a French patisserie, when not in use to make beautiful, light, fluffy bites of deliciousness. Hand-crafted, this is an heirloom quality piece. Because someone would have to pry it from your cold, dead hands before you'd let someone else have it. C'est magnifique!