Baby, Taste This Spoon - Small

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Picture it: Wherever you were. Sometime in the past. Your grandma is stirring a pot of amazing on the stove and turns to you and says, "baby, taste this." You do and the heavens open up and all is right in the world. Because Grandma made it.

These handmade wooden spoons are created out of bonded Black Walnut, Cherry and Maple. They're designed to bring back memories of home, with a certain rustic flair that feels comfortable. Chuck Williams once said that wooden spoons are some of the most important tools in a home chef's kitchen. He was right. Here they are. 

12' spoon


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    Small Tasting Spoon

    Posted by Holly King on Jan 3rd 2021

    The small spoon is just the right height for my stove side utensil crock. This spoon is eye candy for sure. Don't let her good looks fool you. She's up for all your stirring and tasting tasks. A well balanced utensil that feels great in your hands.

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    Baby Taste This Spoon

    Posted by Melissa Brinley on Feb 29th 2020

    I received this spoon as a gift. It was hard to convince myself to use such a beautiful piece! But I did, and I'm simply in love. I need all the sizes! It makes everything you're cooking feel that much more special when you're using such gorgeous wooden pieces.

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    Posted by Stacy Kirk on Jan 20th 2020

    This is absolutely beautiful!!! I am sending this one to my friend Melissa Brinley whom you know. I already have one and it is wonderful!!

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    Baby Taste This Spoon

    Posted by Tamara on Dec 22nd 2019

    LOVE this! Beautiful as it is functional...and the name is perfect!