Miss Ethel Rolling Pin - Unicorn Collection

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The Unicorn Collection - as all of our wooden products are made by hand - no CNC, nothing - they don’t always match. In fact, technically none of them do, exactly. But, sometimes the difference is more noticeable. these Miss Ethel Rolling Pins are enough shorter than the original (18”) that I cannot sell them as the real thing. that being said, there is nothing wrong with them. So, I created the Unicorn Collection for moments just like this. These are all 16“ or longer, though.


The first wooden product RLC carried was this French rolling pin, made out of a mix of Black Walnut, Cherry and Maple. It was very popular amongst Harlemites, most of whom didn't have enough countertop space to actually use them, but wanted one anyway. It disappeared from the Collection for a while, but now it is back. And, she has a name: Miss Ethel, who was one of my great-great aunts. I remember her coming to my great grandma's house when we were kids and those old women just having the best time, laughing and telling stories. I name the fancy rolling pins after strong women, all of whom were old when I was a kid. It's a way of keeping their memories alive.