RLC Mystery Box Subscription (12 Months)

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The reason I started my business is that I like introducing people to new things. I love stumbling across new and unique flavor profiles and then telling everyone I know about them. But since this is a business, lol, I want to also tell people I don't know about these great products!

  1. If you have (or whoever you're sending the box to has) any specific food allergies, please indicate them in the notes field as you're placing your order. I'll get more details after that. 
  2. Include an email for yourself or the gift recipient. I will send you a list of questions to get a better understanding of who you are, what you cook, who you cook for and your likes/dislikes before making your selections.
  3. Sometimes you'll get brand new items before they even hit the figurative shelves.
  4. Every other subscription box I have looked at is a pre-set collection that they send to X-number of people. This is not. No two people receive the same box in a month's shipping.
  5. Everything in the box will be of excellent quality, pre-vetted by an industry veteran. I have been working in this field for almost two decades. I put my name on everything I sell.
  6. This is the entry-level box. If you'd like a larger box, email me and we can make that happen. Shipping is included in this price. If you choose to add items to your monthly box (hey, sometimes you fall in love with something I sent and want more, we adjust shipping only if the price goes up).