When Life Gives You Lemons Towel

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Out of Stock
  • 100% Cotton Flour Sack fabric (there is a difference)
  • Hemmed on ALL FOUR SIDES
  • Generous in size, measures approx. 26"x 26"
  • All are pre-washed, and lint free
  • Have Hang Tight Towel® Loop
  • Wash it in cold water and it shouldn't fade.

About the Maker

I was on St. Simons Island, vacationing with my family, when we happened across a small boutique with these awesome towels. The "ClusterFork" spoke to me and I immediately called and spoke with the small business owner, Melissa "Missy" Livingston. The company, Twisted Wares, was fairly new, but her story was one of triumph. Missy was a realtor in Seattle until the recession hit. In quick succession, both she and her husband lost their jobs and eventually their house. They ended up moving to Texas with their three young sons. Suddenly, Missy was a housewife and - boys being boys - she was constantly cleaning up behind them. The dishtowel fell in the floor one too many times and Missy developed the Hang Tight Loop for her dishtowels. That coupled with her acerbic wit, is where Twisted Wares was born.