Cameroonian Beads: Banyo

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These hand-carved and hand-painted beads made by artists in Cameroon are the perfect addition to your life in any way you want to use them!

The story goes, I was on vacation with my family on St. Simons Island in Georgia. While we were out exploring the park by their pier, we happened upon an art festival. I met a man, an artist from Cameroon, who had a collection of the most beautiful handcrafted beads. Quickly, I snagged several strings and posted them for my folks on Facebook. Within hours, I had sold nearly all of them. So I took myself back to the park and got all the beads I could buy. 

My original intent was to drape them over a stack of books, but people have been using them for all kinds of things. When I brought them back to the house where I was staying with my family, my niece and her roommate immediately put them on as necklaces and my Mama filled a big bowl full of them as a centerpiece for the dining table. Whatever tickles your fancy, these beads will be a beautiful addition to your life - or home. To embrace their Cameroonian roots, each design is named after a city in the West African country. 

Because these pieces are handcrafted from natural materials, each string of beads may have a little variation in color, size, or length. Each piece is unique!

Each string of beads is approximately 24 inches long.