Chai Spice Peanut & Almond Butter

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In ridiculously-exciting news: The Chai Spice Nut Butter (now known as Chai Spice Peanut and Almond Butter with Sea Salt, but I'm not typing all of that every time; it's still Chai Spice Nut Butter for RLC) has gone through some changes - it went from a 10-ounce jar to a 13-ounce jar and the price went down as well!

The beloved Chai Spice Nut Butter... one of the anchors of Riley/Land that first couple of years we were open. In fact, it was the best-selling SKU the entire time RL was open in NYC., with rave reviews coming in from Dominique Browning, Meryl Streep, Kateria Niambi, Natasha Reid and countless others... 

Our Chai Spice nut butter combines American agriculture in the form of peanuts, almonds, and wildflower honey with traditional tea spices of the Indian subcontinent, where “chai” is simply a word for “tea” in Hindi. Like gumbo in Louisiana or peach pie in Georgia, there are as many spiced tea recipes in India as there are families, who pass them down from generation to generation. Our Chai Spice mixture is a traditional Masala Chai blend of cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, and black pepper, which we slowly mix with fresh-roasted, freshly milled peanuts and almonds before adding local wildflower honey and sea salt to create a bright, complex burst of flavor in every spoonful. 

13-oz. jar.


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    Funny my jar is empty too...

    Posted by Joe Jacobsmeyer on Oct 7th 2019

    Just oike the picture, im scraping the jar to get every last delicious spresd oht of this chai spice butter. Its bright and nutty and perfection.

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    Big Spooner's Chai Spice Nut Butter

    Posted by Natasha “Dat Damn Natasha" Reid on Apr 25th 2019

    My FAVORITE nut butter of all time. The compliment of chai, cardamom and honey is aromatically beautiful and tastes divine.

    Can't wait to get my spoon dig in to one more jar!

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    Best flavor

    Posted by Elena Feliciano on Aug 14th 2017

    I've tried many different nut butters on other sites, and the ones sold here are the best hands down. My favorite (my addiction) is the Chai Spice. I use this in my shakes for an extra kick. On toast, crackers, bananas, apples....and well, I more often than not eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon. The taste is heavenly, not strong and overwhelming. I recommend these products for the nut lovers that want a new twist on an old favorite.

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    Chai Butter

    Posted by CNB on Aug 14th 2017

    Oh-Emm-Gee. This is my favorite thing in the world. Beyond the most amazing peanut butter sandwiches (with homemade chai tea apply jelly, of course) or with a smear on some french toast, it is one of my favorite RLC products. Honestly tend to just eat it out of the jar.