Cream Herringbone XL Turkish Blanket

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So, my good friend (and former boss) Carey sent me a message and asked if I could have my folks make a cream colored XL Turkish blanket for her. I reached out to my makers and they said they would mull it over. And then a couple months later - boom! - "The Carey," as I affectionately call it, was born. The style is the same as my other Turkish blankets, but we've roped in the color and went basic this go-round. Honestly, I would recommend everyone have one of these - even if you get one of the colored ones as well. It's basic color scheme allows it to become the utility player in your linen closet.

Herringbone pattern. Machine wash on cold. Tumble dry on lowest setting. Space saving in the closet (or luggage) due to it's thin design. Great for a bedspread, picnic blanket, throw, tablecloth or to put on the floor for the baby to crawl on while playing.

94" x 87".