Olive Hill Skies Candle

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Olive Hill, Tennessee is filled with memories for me: fishing in my grandparents' pond, kids diving off of the arch bridge, cake walks at the old high school, sprawling pastures filled with cattle, the huge candy case inside H.O. Smith and Sons' country store and Betty Lou’s bologna and cheese sandwiches that cost 25¢. People like Miss Bertie Smith handed out books to kids so we could be smarter adults, Myrtle Dowdy and Evelyn Bowling walked almost every evening, making the rounds and saying hi to the folks in the community, Junior Harville, who didn't say much, but was always there ready to lend a hand if someone needed it, Bud Ricketts would give you a good cussing and then offer you a ride in the same breath, my grandma - Bobbie - helped hold the elections at the firehall, and my grandpa - his name was Papaw aka Joe Harrison - hired pretty much every young boy in the neighborhood, at some point, to help him in his hay field. They all contributed to the community that is Olive Hill. 

When I sat down to create the scent for the Olive Hill Skies candle, it was a struggle. How could I encapsulate all of that into one scent? How could I make something that my mama and uncle - who have lived there their entire lives - would love? How could I get the exact right scent? It took months. I smelled about 200 combinations of fragrances, trying to get it just right. The end result is reminiscent of the morning dew on my Papaw’s hay fields, with wild clover and a hint of the blackberry bushes along the edges of the field. When I was a kid, I would lay on the top of the truck, filled with hay, and look up at the sky, dreaming of my adult life in the big city. This is as close to the smell as I could put in a jar. I was a horrible farmer’s son, but I tried. As I aged, I saw the beauty of home: the pace, the solitude, the ease. I hope Olive Hill Skies can help transport you to a happy place, like it does for me.

If you haven't purchased candles from RLC before, here's what you get: a hand-poured soy wax candle with a lead-free wick that has an 85+ hour burn life. I have partnered with a lovely lady named Ella who has created a sky blue drawstring canvas bag to house the candles, making them ideal for gift-giving. 


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    Olive Hill Skies Candle - like a spring day

    Posted by Liz Smith on Nov 2nd 2019

    The way I would describe the Olive Hill Skies candle is that is has a very warm, yet fresh scent - like the way the backyard smells after a summer day when fire is dying down, and you feel relaxed and all is right with the world. It's very balanced and is subtle yet makes the scent is definitely present in a very natural, not synthetic, way. It's neither masculine nor feminine, so would work in any room or environment. The packaging is very elegant and simple as well, and I love the double wick. The cloth bag is a very nice touch!

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    Olive Hill Skies candle

    Posted by Maureen Olsen on Aug 23rd 2019

    I am so excited about my new Olive Hill Skies candle. It even smells more amazing than I expected. The scent lingers throughout the household without even being lit, but is not overpowering. The hardest part was taking it out of its beautiful packaging. Thank you Joseph! I can’t wait to try the others.

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    Olive Hill Skies

    Posted by Julie Lowry on Apr 25th 2019

    Love this candle! It reminds me of more simple times in my life and the scent triggers memories of times that are gone, but not forgotten. It is amazing. Highly recommend.