Peppermint Bark

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I have spoken to Long Grove Confectionery many times throughout the years at the Fancy Food Show, and each time I have left knowing by business was not ready for the commitment required to have the depth of products I wanted. But at the Winter Fancy Food Show in Vegas back in February, I decided I finally had the buying power to make it happen. I am so excited to share this collection. Long Grove opened in 1975 (lol it's a year older than me!), making absolutely fabulous chocolate treats. I am enamored with this company and will carry these products going forward for Q4. 

These days you can buy peppermint bark from a variety of places, but I am proud to say that we carry the original recipe: artisan hand-swirled dark and white chocolate, peppermint oil and a sprinkling of bright candy cane pieces. 

14-ounce box