The Fleming Ambrosia Maple Dough Bowl

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Handmade wooden bowls have been the backbone of RLC since we first started making them. Each bowl takes approximately two years (from dead tree to bowl) to age and turn.

The Fleming Ambrosia Maple Dough Bowl is a long, low vessel originally designed for making doughs. The wet ingredients on one end and you mix those into the dry ingredients, on the other end. As time has evolved, dough bowls have become more common as decorative accessories. Ours are designed to use, out of Tennessee hardwoods.

The nature of these bowls is that no two are the same. They are seasoned with a food safe mineral oil/beeswax blend. Never submerge or put in a dishwasher - or they will warp and crack (however, when treated properly, they become family heirlooms that can be passed down to the next generation). Hand wash with mild soap. Treat with food safe mineral oil.

Dimensions: 27.5" length, 12.75" width, 3.25" tall