Vintage Straight Line Highball Glasses S/2

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I wanted these for my house, so I bought them. Then they sold well in my Facebook group. Then they sold well at the wine shops. So, let's see if they sell well on the website. lol

The important notes:

HANDCRAFTED TO STANDOUT: This unique set of 2 vintage straight line glasses offers an elegant glass that will create the best feeling when you have your cocktail. Each glass holds 10oz liquid. Perfect for spirits, water, juice, or a short-glass cocktail drink.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Add an ergonomic set of glasses to your home bar. These vintage straight line glasses come with a ribbed, textured glass, that enhances their look and feel. Whether you're serving a classic old-fashioned, cognac, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or any cocktail concoction, these ripple glasses will help be the ultimate entertainer.

HIGH-QUALITY LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL: Made with the best there is in crystal glass making. The most transparent and luxurious glass. Be sure to impress your guests with the ultimate in design, on the rocks!

10 oz.