Zanzibar Curry Simmer Sauce

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Zanzibar is Jainaba's love letter to The Spice Island of Africa. Zanzibar, located on the eastern coast of Africa, has been an integral part of the spice trade routes as early as the 10th century. A visit to historic Stone Town would be incomplete without a trip to one of its famous spice plantations, where spices were once traded like currency and the smell of centuries-old spice trade still lingers in the air.

The traditional Zanzibari cuisine is a blend of many cultures and flavors – African, Persian, Arabian, and Asian – producing a fusion of distinctive taste profiles that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Kitchens of Africa's full-bodied Zanzibari curry celebrates Zanzibar’s heyday as The Spice Mecca of the Continent! They start by custom blending an authentic Zanzibari curry blend, comprised of legendary warming spices such as cloves, paprika, cinnamon, chilies, and star anise, to name a few. They then simmer this fragrant spice blend in a creamy coconut milk mixture – no Zanzibari curry is complete without the addition of coconut milk – add chilies, ginger, garlic, spinach, and an unexpected ingredient – peanuts. Simmer covered with chicken or chickpeas for a quick weeknight meal.