Farmer's Market Apple Cobbler/Pie/Crumble Filling

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Since 2017, I have been offering my Farmer's Market Collection, an assortment of sundries made using locally-grown vegetables and fruits and canned in their kitchens. This collection is akin to going to your local farmer's market on Saturday morning and getting their latest offerings. I pick up a handful from vendors I know and trust, so know they have been vetted the same as any other product I carry. They just aren't made by professionals. I do not add the expense of ordering labels for these items. When they sell out, they are gone. 

My mama, who is an amazing cook, loves these. In fact, she's the one who told me to buy them. From pies to cobblers to crumbles to hand pies to coffee cake to... you know what to do now. lol 

1 quart jar