Lime Curd

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In 2002, just after I started working with Williams-Sonoma, I tried a lemon curd we were selling in-store. It was awful. I mentioned that to Sandra Kolka and she told me I was wrong. Because, that's how Sandra rolls. We tried it together and, yep, still bad. The problem was that it was an old jar and had long reached its expiration date. We re-tried later with a new jar and a new love of my life was born. Wow!! How had I lived for all of those years without this delicacy? It became a staple in my pantry and I used it often on "impress-my-date" desserts (grilled pound cake with lemon curd and fresh blueberries; works every time). 

I have looked for a curd since I opened RLC and struggled finding one with the right taste/mouth feel combination. Until I met Jan. Baybee!!!! Remember how my life was changed back in 2002? Yours is about to change now. Get a jar. Actually, do the smart thing and get two. You'll eat one with a spoon and use the other for toast or trifles or, if you're smart, take a chance and impress YOUR date with that pound cake/blueberry thing I just told you about. 

THIS version is lime. Use the same way as the lemon curd, but skip the blueberries. Maybe drizzle with dark chocolate. Made in Calabasas, Just Jan's Lime Curd is made with simple ingredients and lots of flavor.

10-ounce jar.

INGREDIENTS: Pure Cane Sugar, Water, Lime Juice Concentrate, Egg Yolks, Butter (Made from Sweet Cream), Corn Starch, Lime Peel, Natural Fruit Pectin, Lime Oil.

Contains: Milk.