RLC No. 46 | TE AMO

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I took this photo on one of my all-time favorite dates. We were a few hours into the evening as we walked down Printer’s Alley in downtown Nashville. The lights, the vibe, the lighting… it was perfect.

We didn’t work out romantically, but I still loved this photo and the feeling I had when I took it. So I pulled it off my camera roll for this month’s candle label the second I came up with the name:

Te Amo
(I Love You)

The blend of bamboo, cedar, coriander, and sandalwood is clean and fresh. It is like one of those scents a man or woman could spray before they head out the door. The vetiver adds a little sexiness. It is, to me, beautiful.

The RLC Candle Club is a super small batch operation. In fact, we only make 3 dozen units each month and have just a handful of leftovers. If you want one, DM to let me know asap.

Or, sign up for the candle club and get a brand new proprietary scent delivered to your door every month. Candles are all hand-poured using vegan soy wax and a double cotton (lead-free) wick. Burn time is approximately 60-65 hours.