The Miss Shirley Taylor Rolling Pin

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In partnership with Lee Freeland Hancock C'81 and Dr. Scott Toreano, THE RILEY/LAND COLLECTION is ecstatic to announce THE SEWANEE PROJECT, a collection of wooden kitchenwares created by hand, using trees from the Mountain. A portion of each sale will be donated to aid in reforestation across Appalachia.

I have tried to roll things out slowly, so we always have a handful of items still in stock. I went yesterday to pick up some rolling pins and my guys had made these out of small pieces left over from cutting boards! The cherry in the pins came from Sewanee trees. The design? That was all them and I love it! LOL It's kind of chaotic, but also there's a design there. 

The piece is named after Miss Shirley Taylor, who is retiring this week after working for the University for 50 years! When I was a freshman, it took almost the entire first semester to realize that Miss Shirley who made the best cheeseburgers at the Tiger Bay Pub was also Shirley Taylor from the admissions office. My young mind was blown. lol Her disjointed career at Sewanee matches these rolling pins. Plus, as an admissions expert, nearly everyone who has attended Sewanee has had contact with her at some point. 

They made 12 units of this beautiful rolling pin.