Trinidad Breeze Candle

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When I lived in Trinidad, I fell in love with the breeze. Yes, the temperature and the blue skies and the sunshine were all great. But that breeze... every time I leave, I spend some time sitting out that morning, soaking it up as much as possible. It's gentle, almost like a good hug. It has a faintly sweet - but lightly salty - smell, like a combination of the ocean and the many mango trees that dot the island nation. Trinidad will forever be a part of my experience and I wanted to share that with you. So, in creating the Trinidad Breeze Candle, I sought something that gave the aura of the islands, but not too on-the-nose.

Citrus notes of orange and grapefruit, with a slight scent of guava and passion fruit, tempered with sandalwood give way to a bergamot/violet/musky undertone. This candle was so popular that people were asking to buy my samples when I first got them.  

If you haven't purchased candles from RLC before, here's what you get: a hand-poured soy wax candle with a lead-free wick that has an 85+ hour burn life. I have partnered with a lovely lady named Ella who has created a green drawstring canvas bag to house the candles, making them ideal for gift-giving.