Walker's Spicy Southern Bloody Mary Mix

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I searched for forever to find a Bloody Mary that was better than the one I make when I'm behind the bar. A chance encounter with Kristin Walker at a coffee shop in East Nashville changed that. The rest, as they say, is history. Most Bloody Mary mixes are either full of MSG or thin and "meh." Walker's is anything but. Made with all-natural ingredients, including a vegan-friendly bourbon barrel aged Worcestershire sauce, blackstrap molasses and Creole mustard, this spicy concoction will slap you in the face and leave you wanting more. Also makes a great Bloody Maria. Or, use it as a base for your next pot of chili! 

Side note - Years ago I coined the term "Mutha Jefferson" to reference the Bloody Mary because George's mother on The Jeffersons always drank a Bloody Mary. And it just made sense.