Blueberry Jam

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They call it a blueberry spread. I know there are legitimate rules for jam/jelly/spread/etc. I also know when you ask your husband/wife/auntie to pull it out of the fridge, you're going to say, "can you get that jar of blueberry jam?" So there it is. They also have photos of them putting it on a burger, so what do I know? I adore blueberries and never thought about putting it on a burger. *insert shrug emoji here

This jam - spread - is made with Oregon Dukes, a variety that grows in the Willamette Valley. World-famous for its alluvial soil, the Cascade valley is a berry utopia, which is why every single product I have ordered from Oregon Growers has been phenomenal. Their products preserve the fresh flavor of harvest. Oh, and it's jam. You know what to do with it. I had some on a waffle earlier. I can only image the joy of spreading it on a sandwich with the maple cinnamon nut butter from Big Spoon Roasters. But also try it on that burger. You know I am! 

12 ounce jar

INGREDIENTS: Blueberries, Pure Cane Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid